Hi, And thank you for visiting my website My name is Angeliqa and I’m 15 years old.

I love music with all my heart. I´ve been interested in music as long as I can remember.

I want to inspire people with my music and make them feel like they’re not alone. I started to write music when I was about nine years old and it´s been a big part of my life. Visit my Spotify and enjoy my music .

The 24 of January 2020 is the release of my song "Shout it Out" this song means a lot to me. There is a lot of feelings that has to come out. 

 I hope you enjoy the song.

With all my love/ Angeliqa

Listen on my new release on Spotify 2020

Link to my Spotify


The 24th of January 2020

I will Release a new song

The song is called

Shout it Out. And I wrote this song together with Adam Jönsson and Marcos Ciscar. I meet Adam Jönsson at Stage Acadamy Songwriting in Stockholm and Marcos Ciscar is the Producer of this song. And we record the song in his studio in Filipstad.

Riverside Music  Studios.




Hi, Vote fore me at the musicevent, Parallello Music award 2021.. I get to the final of this music competition. The last day to vote is 13:th of March 2021 kl.21.00. Get in to the Parallello site and "Like" my song

I compete with my first song"Open the door"

Direct Link: Parallello 2021

Hi, Thanks for all your support in

the competition Parallello Musicaward.

My song"Shout it Out" get in the 2:nd place

and the song were streamed at Soundcloud

almost 1000 times.

Thanks again for your support, and I hope you

listned on my Mello song "YOU" .

I will  realease this Song 2020 04 24 at 200 platforms. Don´t miss this.

See Ya..

Angeliqa Carlsson

 Artist from Sweden

Thanks to my partners for your support, You are the ones that makes my dream come true. :-)

Lyckes Produktionsverktyg AB


Riverside Studios(Marcos Ciscar)

Hasse Östman

Magnus Bäcklund

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